Are you a family business, corporate entity or individual thinking about writing a book? However, you don’t know where to begin? Or how long it will take? Fuller Marketing is here to help!

We have worked with a number of experts to help our clients craft their message, their stories, and their expertise into a must-read book. We have worked with clients whose books have been published by well-known publishers, and with those who have self-published. 
Books are a fantastic way to help build your reputation and showcase your expertise. Many speakers use them as promotional toolkits, for example when they are speaking at conferences, seminars, etc. to highlight themselves as experts in their particular field. Fuller Marketing was commissioned by Joey Sheahan from to collaborate in the writing and publishing of his book ‘The Mortgage Coach’, which is being launched in January 2020. 

Books are also an excellent way to commemorate an anniversary. This year, the CSPCA commissioned Fuller Marketing to write a book on its 150 years in existence. It involved the research of 150 years of minute books and archives, to create a succinct and engaging book, and is being launched in early 2020.
If you are thinking of writing a book and wondering about the process involved in becoming a published author, call Sheila today on 021 235 5387 or send her a mail on