Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation offers marketing departments huge opportunity to remove the more mundane elements of marketing, and allows automation deliver solutions at scale. It enables businesses to reduce their marketing costs by allowing marketing teams, consultants or agencies to manage their time more effectively on revenue generating activities or sales enablement.
Marketing automation initially gained traction with email marketing. Being able to automate the email marketing function, particularly for those on active rather than static lists, was a game changer. Historically, if you signed up for more information, you received periodic marketing emails. With marketing automation, you were suddenly able to automate the inbound lead process. Typically businesses use a five point email campaign, from the point of sign up to the nurturing of leads. In practice, this varies by organisation, and mapping the sweet spot for conversion over time, allows each organisation to build up their respective knowledge. 

Ideally, the sales team have access to the same system, which allows for rich CMS data, and even service data, to be housed in one system. Marketo and Hubspot are the most common marketing automation tools used by businesses.

Fuller Marketing can support businesses in their marketing automation journey by identifying the most effective platform for your needs, and the level of control you require. From there, we can help build your communications plan, map the points of engagement with customers, train your sales and marketing team on marketing automation, on-board the new software with your sales, marketing and service teams, as required, and provide periodic gate checks and support to ensure the system runs effectively. Over time, this allows businesses to have greater control and consistency in their marketing, while simultaneously reducing costs.
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