Content Creation

Content creation is a key challenge for many businesses. With marketing departments typically under-resourced or without the expert in-house functions required, the mantra, content is king, can become a key challenge for businesses. 

What does Content is King mean?

In an oversaturated world, where people are subjected to vast amounts of advertising on a daily basis, it can be a challenge to cut through. We have changed from a push advertising world, to a pull advertising world, brought about by the advent of Google and search. In 1990, people watched TV at home, they saw the ads at commercial breaks, and they were unlikely to be doing anything else while they were watching TV.

They may have seen a few billboards, heard some radio ads, and seen some press ads over the course of their day. They didn’t see that many ads, and nothing intruded in their space. Life was calmer!!! Fast forward to 2020 and people are on their phones over 50 times a day (, they are online as part of their working day, and they are on social media networks and gaming sites for hours on end, every day. They watch TV, scroll on their tablets, and look at their mobile phones simultaneously.

They rarely do one thing at a time and even their books are read on digital screens. People see hundreds, if not thousands of ads a day. Retention and concentration are suffering. With all the current advertising ‘noise’, how do advertisers cut through?
The answer is simple – Content is King.

Advertisers, especially in the B2B space, rely on content to attract their audiences. Writing content is an art form.  What started as blogging has evolved to a more sophisticated world of content creation. The most common types of content, used to capture potential customers who are searching for your content, include:

  1. E-Books
  2. White Papers
  3. Infographics
  4. Animations
  5. Video
  6. Articles
  7. Blogs 
  8. How to videos
  9. FAQs
  10. Customer testimonials, discussing products
  11. A book
  12. PR
  13. Integrated content solutions, e.g. an advertorial

Identifying the correct content for your marketing strategy is the easy part, creating it is a little harder.

Fuller Marketing offers full service content creation, tailored to your marketing strategy. Fuller Marketing can help you identify the right kind of content to drive your business forward, generate leads and deliver growth. For more information, please contact Ruth on