Fuller Marketing creates, designs and writes e-books designed for lead generation. We have worked with a wide range of industry sectors in the creation of lead generation e-books, including recruitment, industry, SAAS, tech, VR and services. 

What makes a good e-book? The overall objective when creating an e-book is to include content that grabs people’s attention which piques their interest, resulting in them downloading the e-book (which can only be accessed once they provide their name and email address – lead generation!). The content should be specific to their industry, and the information you are providing should be relevant and helpful to the person you are looking to do business with. An example of this might be, “5 ways leading universities are using VR”. Straight away, if you are leading a university tech department, you are going to want to download this book. Creating good content is key. Content that people want and need. It should be succinct, useful and easy to follow.

E-books typically have great design and great content. They should be bitesize, with clear follow-ons and steps for people.

How do you find great content?
Like any marketing endeavours, it’s extremely important to get into the mind and head of the person you are trying to sell to or work with. What do they need? How can you help? What problems can you solve? What are their pain points?
Fuller Marketing are expert e-book creators and writers. We will find the angles, write the story, design the content, and support the launch of your e-book campaign. 
If you are interested in seeing samples of e-books we have created or would like to talk to us about your requirements, please contact Ruth on Ruth@FullerMarketing.ie